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The Corvallis Forestry Community Spatial Data Management Group was formed in August 1998 to coordinate acquisition and development of spatial data layers, provide searchable metadata and access to spatial data layers, and help offer training for Geographic Information Systems/Remote Sensing software.  The group consists of GIS/RS faculty, staff, and students at Oregon State University and representatives from the US Geological Survey Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center and the US Forest Service Forestry Research Laboratory. Meetings are usually held once a month.


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Data/Meeting News

2009 NAIP Imagery for Oregon

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2009 NAIP Imagery for Oregon (1/2 meter 4-band), now available through the Oregon Imagery Explorer. In addition to the 2009 imagery, the 2000 and 1995 1-meter black and white image services are also now available.

ESRI is serving Landsat data

Working in close collaboration with DOI, Esri is pleased to announce the release of the Landsat imagery services. These image services enable fast and easy access to 30 years of Landsat imagery as part of ArcGIS Online. Esri is providing this data (more than 8 TB) on ArcGIS Online and serving it as over 20 different dynamic, multispectral, multitemporal image services that provide access to the full image information content, along with change detection capabilities.

Official USGS quad boundaries can now be downloaded

USGS has recently made the official quad boundaries available for download at the following ftp site. They are in a geodatabase format.

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