Meeting Date: 
Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 17:00
TBD - JSB Building
Description/Additional Information: 

Topic: Patti Haggerty to give demonstration on SharePoint mapping and MapIt

Online Notes: 

Attending: Patti, Keith, Mark, Heather, Matt, Kelly, Theresa, Jim Graham (new Geosciences person)

Notes: Theresa

Treats: Kelly

Facilitator: Keith

  1. ArcGIS for sharepoint (MapIt) might be part of the University License?  Seems to work in Silverlight, and there have been some problems with the Silverlight install (requires client to install plug-in… can be problems with this on federal machines that don’t let you have admin privileges).


EIM  (Theresa on her way there right now)

ESRI PNW Users Group: no one

Willamette Valley: November in Corvallis,

Data; Andrews LiDAR at SDSC site,  2006 National land cover under T:gis/usa

Training:  Jim:  Python programming class this fall Mondays 4-7, Data Management class in spring, Theresa part of group putting on ecoinfromatics training for grad students (videos will be available on-line)

Software/Hardware:  Mark was interested in PostGIS experience as he would like to integrate with “R”.

Keith to develop programming section on the SDMG druple site.

Round Table:

Patti; attended on-line Arizona LiDAR training from USFS, working on Python stuff.

Jim; looking for small problems/projects that students could work on in his python and intro to GIS classes.  Wingware.com (note to self, look that up), offered to do a demo next month on his research/projects.

Next meeting:  October 20,

Notes: Patti, Treats: Matt, Facilitator: Terralyn, and Topic:  Jim to demo/talk about his projects/research.