Meeting Date: 
Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 17:00
Richardson 313
Description/Additional Information: 

Jim Graham from the Geosciences Department was unable to attend the meeting. His presentation will be delayed until next month.

Online Notes: 

Meeting October 20th 10:00 Richardson 313

Treats:  Matt

Notes: Patti

Facilitator: Terralyn

Topic:  POSTPOSED: Jim Graham, new visiting professor in Geosciences will do a talk/demo about his projects/research in November.



Willamette Valley GIS Users:  November 2, 2011   9-12am at the Library  in Corvallis:   Looking for agenda items

 "Maps in the Clounds" live workshop sponsored by URISA OR/WA Chapters, Portland Doubletree, Nov. 17, 2011 from 9 am - 4 pm. Cost $20 which includes lunch.

"Open Access" October 27, OSU Library with speaker MacKenzie Smith, Science Fellow at the Creative Commons, 2:30-4:00 pm

 83rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Scientific Association at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel in Boise, Idaho, March 28-31, 2012, the theme is Networking Science: communication, collaboration, and conservation in a time of change. There will be a symposia on Geo-Integration: Making sense of the overload of spatial data, portals, and analysis tools.

Data: Nothing new

Training:  (Theresa will be doing a training in December for Ultra folks)

  • Software/Hardware:  ArcGIS Service Pack 3 is out, Theresa will try it. Discussion regarding the extreme slowness of Arc 10. Matt Gregory warned that the Arc 10 installation buts python in a strange place that can cause problems for updates and other applications and modules. Preferred order of installation is to have Python first, then Arc.  Another problem he noted is in resampling of rasters wherein the bilinear or cubic convolution results are the same as the Nearest Neighbor operation under specific sets of conditions (the mid point of the operation is exactly at the center of the source cell).

  • Theresa announced changes to the plotter locations in the FSL, 217 plotter going away, plotter from 333 going into 217, new plotter in the 3rd floor lunch room space.


Round table:

Kelly - he has an old hysography for BLM lands in OR, if anyone wants it let him know or it will be deleted.

Eric - has had a problem with a looping process in Arc/python but adding a scratch directory location in the enironments apparently fixed it.

Matt - working on refractoring GNN code

Colleen Sullivan, Graduate Student Rep. for Geosciences (vice Dorie) - Bernhard Jenny has arrived as the new Professor of Cartography and Geovisualization.  Prof. Kimmerling is  to retire (for real).  Jim Graham is teaching a python course and is expected to do another python course in the spring.

Tad Larsen - Writing field sampling apps for mobile devices using "Titanium Appcelerator", writes for either iOS or Android, he would be willing to do a demo at a future meeting.

Patti - some background on the disappearance of NBII from the USGS. Many unknowns about where metadata/search functions will go, some NBII sites are being rehomed in other USGS science centers.


Meeting: November 17 10:00  (Richardson 313?)

Treats:  Patti

Notes: KELLY

Facilitator: Terralyn

Topic: Theresa will try and reschedule Jim Graham