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Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 18:00
Richardson 313
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Jim Graham, Geosciences and Dawn Wrights fill-in Professor gave a presentation on his background, current projects, and future work.

  • – Meetings

Open Access: October 27, OSU Library with speaker MacKenzie Smith, Science Fellow at the Creative Commons, 2:30-4:00 pm.

Keith Olsen was in attendance. Reports that licensing was a major focus of the seminar.

Willamette Valley GIS Users:  November 2, 2011   9-12am at the Library  in Corvallis.

Kuuipo Walsh was in attendance. Reports that python scripting language was prevalently used and for a variety of purposes.

Maps in the Clouds:  November 17, 2011. Live workshop sponsored by URISA OR/WA Chapters, Portland Doubletree. No one was in attendance.


  • – Data

Patti Haggerty compiled the UFSF Region 6 pest and disease data into one geodatabase.

(http://www.fs.fed.us/foresthealth/technology/nidrm.shtml). Will put it onto the T:\gis drive under the PNW directory.


Theresa Valentine brought up the USFS performance issues with the Data Center in Albuquerque, NM. Frequent but random interruptions in the network performance seem to mimic the Arc10 issues folks have seen going across networks.


Keith Olsen was curious if anyone was familiar with the Forest Service Data Bank. Grants and Agreements (Joint Fire Sciences agreements, for instance) may move toward require an explicit and safe location for data products that come out of the agreements. This may be an option if Forest Service employees are part of the agreement.


  • -  Software

Theresa Valentine was struggling with applying what she had learned in the Javascipt API training to the project she was working on locally. There doesn’t seem to be enough control  when starting with Arcgisonline to build the template.


  • – Training

ULTRA on December 14 – Urban Long-Term Research Area


  • -  Round table

Matty-G -  just chillin/willin/skills get the big billin’

Patti  Haggerty – Has liDAR for Mt. Rainer/Panther Creek BLM LiDAR testing site is active/Coos Bay BLM has an intensive plot schedule to evaluate their recent LiDAR acquisitions. Reports that Silvalaser with be in Vancouver, BC in 2012.

Keith Olsen – Data management thinking mostly.

Dave  Hockman-wert – Been working with Access lately

Francis Kilkinney – Works with Brad StClair on gene ecology and seed zones.

Heather  Roberts – 9.3 geoprocessor errors even when it turns out okay. Also having some projection issues in the scripting env.

Theresa  Valentine – Lots of time in Albuquerque, working on LTERmapS (interactive mapping application for LTER sites), and developing training for Information Managers.Found out that MYSQL doesn’t play with ESRI products, so we’re having to move data into another relational database, most likely Postgres.  Plotters in FSL moved around, playing musical chairs.  One will be in FSL217 (60 inch), the 42 inch to be decided.  Working with image server again, and things have changed for V 10.0.  Now need to put them in a file or SDE geodatabase, and create a mosaic.

Terralyn Vandetta – not much this meeting.

Kc – Really enjoying the newest Decemberist album. Oh and Foster the People, Torches, is fun listening. I love doing the notes.