Meeting Date: 
Thu, 09/26/2013 - 10:00
RH 313
Description/Additional Information: 

Topic: Patti Haggerty and the User Conference
Treats: Matt Gregory
Notes: Theresa Valentine
Terralyn Vandetta

Online Notes: 

 Topic: Patti Haggerty (USGS)  and Linda Samet (FS contractor with Alsea Geospatial) presented their impressions/thoughts about the 2013 ESRI User Conference.  two powerpoints are included.

couple of links from their talks: and for esri maps for office (with arcgis on-line)


                NW ESRI User Conference in SunRiver October 14-18

                Mid Willamette GIS Users Meeting:  October 30th  1-4,  Corvallis Public Library:

                Sharpen Your GIS Skills Seminar (free)  ESRI:   Portland, OR:   November 19, 8-12



  1. Software/hardware:  10.2 not available for download yet, but on campus.
  2. Data:  College forest data is now on fordata  t:/gis/College_Forests   it's read only
  3. Training
  4. Round Table
    1. Matt:  NW Forest Plan maps coming out, and working on webmapping project with Geosciences.
    2. Terralyn back from vacation
    3. Patti: LiDAR for Lane County - Willamette NF (spotted owl area),  Troy Wirth was hired by OWEB
    4. Kuuiupo:  Geosciences hired new GIS instructor, and are advertizing for Dawn's replacement.


Next Meeting:  October 31

Notes: Patti


Topic: Library folks

Facilitator: Matt

Room Reservation: Terralyn (Richardson 331)