Meeting Date: 
Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 08:00
Peavy 224
Description/Additional Information: 

Notes: Theresa

Treats: Ron

Facilitator: Keith

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Notes:  Theresa

Treats:  Ron

Facilitator: Keith

Attendees:  Ron, Kelly, Terralyn, Thersa, Patti, Peter, and Matt

Topic:  Ron and Theresa talked about the development for GeoNIS  geonis.lternet.edu 


  1.   Meetings
    1. ESRI Developers Conference in Palm Springs:  March 10-13 http://www.esri.com/events/devsummit
  2.  Software/Hardware:  ArcGIS 10.2..  *now available.. ask Jerry
  3. Data: Lidar seminar: Keith went to it,  vertical dataum becoming important
  4. Training:  Pattie doing Metadata training through NOAA  http://www.ncddc.noaa.gov/metadata-standards/metadata-training/
  5. Round Table:
    1. Kelly:  wierd Alaska data,  all shape areas are negative.
    2. Patti, metadata class, USGS science Lidar committee  working on one meter DEM of the whole country
      1. 3DEP program  http://nationalmap.gov/3dep/
    1. Terralyn: Mark K and Kathy H.  retiring (Mark going 1/2 time).  Mike will become director, Terralyn take on the project management and Personnel.   Backfill help desk.
    2. Theresa: Husky dog Lidar for 3D printing.
    3. Ron: ARAMP data;  figuring out when it's ok to do SQL work on a geodatabase.  Testing SDE on Forestry computers.
    4. Matt:  cartography at PSU:  atlas of anarchy/cluster cloud training?



Next Meeting:  January 30th?

Topic:  need one

Notes: Patti (need substitute)

Treats: Matt

Facilitator: Theresa

Room Reservation: Terralyn   (done)