Meeting Date: 
Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 08:00
Richardson 313
Description/Additional Information: 
  1. We could spend some time talking about where the group is going, what type of topics we should have in the future.
  2. Notes: Theresa
  3. Treats: Kuuipo
  4. Facilitator: Kelly


Online Notes: 
  1. Notes: Theresa
  2. Treats: Kuuipo
  3. Facilitator: Kelly

 Attendees: Kuuipo, Matt, Keith, Dave, Theresa, Kelly

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Software/hardware Updates/issues:  Dave reported on USGS NHD + Version 2, Kelly reported that ESI (Earth Systems Institute) NETMAP is not free anymore, wants $2500 annual subscription.
    1. ArcToolbox Index tab that went away at 10.x is available as an AddIn:
      1. Blog discussion and link to 10.0 version
      2. Link to 10.1 version
      3. Link to 10.2 version
  2.  Data  
    Digital ortho quad CD’s are now in storage in FSL, will expire in the year 2020
    Ketih is building a Popographic exposure index for the Andrews
  3. Training
  4. Round Table
    1. Dave: NHD Lake data codes for water bodies, the lakes and Reservoirs codes are not what you think.  The whole boarder of the water feature must be man-made to be called a reservoir (think concrete basin).
    2. Keith: Palms Springs bound
    3. Matt:  done with NW Forest Plan 1993-2012 GNN Maps.  Are Landtrender derived
    4. Kuuipo: conducting interview for Post-Dawn Wright position:  Interview this month
    5. Kelly: reminded us of seminar Monday on Lidar road extraction, received his 20 year FS pin.
    6. Theresa: Andrews web dashboard , using excell spreadsheet to do addxy coordinates, requires that there be no spaces in the field names of the spreadsheet, problem with extent rectangles in arcmap 10.1... can be hard to get rid of them.  
    7. tips for using excell spreadsheets http://www.esri.com/news/arcuser/0312/best-practices-when-using-excel-files-with-arcgis.html  and http://www.esri.com/news/arcuser/0312/importing-data-from-excel-spreadsheets.html
  5. Ideas for where the group is going, what type of topics we should have in the future.
    1. topics:  developers conference next month, GetHub (perhaps Ron), would like to see more hands on, perhaps every other month, maybe start with a tips and tricks session or Matt has some ideas.
    2. Notes: agreed that note taking could be minimal, just important points.  takes the burden off the notetaker.

  Next Meeting:   March 20

  1. Topic: Keith and Vojan (student) will share what they learned at the developers conference.
  2. Notes: Matt
  3. Treats: Dave
  4. Facilitator: Theresa
  5. Meeting room: Terralyn


Meetings (for info only)

  1. ESRI Developers Conference in Palm Springs:  March 10-13; http://www.esri.com/events/devsummit
  2. Willamette Valley GIS Users Group  Winter meeting:  Wednesday February 26, 1-4pm  Lane Council of Governments,  Eugene, OR 
  3. GIS in Action:  April 16 and 17, Portland State University; Open StreetMap is also meeting in conjunction with GIS in Action.