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Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 17:00
Richardson 115... Note Room Change!!!!
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Next Meeting:   March 20

  1. Topic: Keith and Vojan (student) will share what they learned at the developers conference.
  2. Notes: Matt
  3. Treats: Dave
  4. Facilitator: Theresa
  5. Meeting room: Terralyn
Online Notes: 

Present: Ray Drapek, Ron Beloin, Peter Eldred, Dave Hockman-Wert, Kelly Christiansen, Matt Gregory, Theresa Valentine, Patti Haggerty, Keith Olsen.

Topic: Keith Olsen shared what he learned at the Esri Developers Conference

Keith gave a nice overview on the Esri Developer Summit in Palm Springs, CA from March 10-13, 2014.  He has posted his online blog of the conference at http://geospacer.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-esri-international-developers-summit.html  This gives information on what sessions he attended and his overall impression of the conference.

Keith noted that the conference was Javascript heavy and most of the developers there were mobile and web application developers rather than traditional GIS programmers/analysts.  The videos for the conference can be replayed at the conference website.  Alas, he was not able to join in on the dodgeball tournament.


  1. Software/hardware Updates/Issues

    • No topics presented
  2. Data

    • Dave Hockman-Wert has posted the MTBS fire severity data for the continental US from 1984-2011 to the T:\gis (fordata) area
    • Theresa Valentine has been cleaning up HJ Andrews stand (polygon) data and has been struggling with creating topology correctly
  3. Training

    • There was some interest in having a topology training session where members of the group could present different aspects of the ArcGIS topology model. There was general frustration with the ArcGIS topology and, as a group, we may be able to teach ourselves some of the intracacies of topology.
  4. Round table

    • Matt: GNN data will soon be posted for Oregon/Washington/northern California for 2012.
    • Kelly: Ken Vance-Borland will be retiring soon and there is a tentative send-off party at Squirrels planned for late March.
    • Dave: Still working on ArcGIS Model Builder quite frequently; was praised by Matt and Patti for his recent help on this.
    • Ron: Busy cleaning and moving data.  Getting into the guts of ArcSDE and trying to figure out what can be done through the "backdoor" of issuing SQL commands vs. having to be performed through ArcGIS itself.
    • Keith: Has recently completed his topographic exposure (topex) index map at 5m for HJ Andrews.
    • Patti: For the past few months has been attending a data management course taught at the library (Ray did this as well).  She is a co-author on a recent paper on modeling marbled murrelet habitat in Wildlife Society Bulletin.
    • Theresa: Stuck in metadata land and has been able to publish a lot recently.

Upcoming Meetings (for information only):

Next Meeting: April 17, 2014

Topic: Matt will do an hands-on Intro to Python class (unless something else comes up).

Notes: Patti

Treats: Kelly

Facilitator: Keith

Meeting room: Terralyn