Meeting Date: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 17:00
Richardson 203
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Spatial Data Management Group Meeting Thursday May 22nd..  at 10:00 am  ROOM CHANGE    Richardson 203

We’ll be meeting in the GIS Lab and Matt Gregory will present a tutorial on "Using Python for Everyday Tasks".

Bring your ideas and get some python scripting help from Matt. 


Online Notes: 

Attendees: Matt x 2 (Matt G and Matt V) , Gary, Kuuipo, Teralyn, Kelly, Patti, Steve, Dave, Peder, Keith, Theresa

Matt gave a great presentation on Python.  materials can be found at T:\Workshops\Python

Terralyn brought great brownies for the break.



  1. If you would like to try out the Beta Program of GIS Pro, contact Kuuipo.  She can also set you up with an OSU Arc On-LIne account.
  2. Robert Kennedy is the new GI Science Assistant Professor at OSU, to start in August.  Welcome aboard Robert.  Future speaker for us?
  3. Climate Data Initiate grants for access to Microsoft Azure cloud computing resources http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/azure/cdi.aspx
  4. David Bell new  FS hire, replacement for Janet O.  May be a speaker in the future.  Does lots of status and habitat modeling.
  5. 9.3 will be gone in June, no licenses.  May have implecations for Mercator arcserver machine.  Terralyn is on it!
  6. Introduced Steve Oder, Intern working with Theresa on the Upper Blue River Lidar data and Andrews stuff. 


  1. nothing to report

Software/hardware issues

  1. 10.2.2 looks to be out soon.  Future releases are kind of like service packs in that they don't require uninstalls.


  1. People enjoyed the Python training, and would like more topical trainings.  Next month will be RASTER tools.

Round Table.

  • Peder is looking for work.  He's working on some NSF proposals.  Recommends the ESRI Virtual Classes and the Geoprocessing blogs.
  • Ketih: Will post the blogs on this website. He has been doing math algebra in python with success.
  • Theresa: She has been writing up the history of GIS in LTER.
  • Kuuipo: Christopher Walsh PHD defense Friday @10, She wants to add students (post and current) to gisdev@oregonstate,edu list server.
  • Dave:  he had question about a quicker way to generate watersheds in model builder.  he got some ideas such as seting his window extent to a smaller area instead of his entire DEM.
  • Matt G.: has a server to try some webmapping and tiling with MapBox https://www.mapbox.com/  He is working with Yang on this.
  • Terralyn:  she needs to figure out what to do with Mercator, perhaps request one license for arcgis 9.3.
  • Patti: She took a stream stats modeling class (webinar) and has the toolkit she will share. 


FYI..  Upcoming Meetings:

Next Meeting:  June 19

Topic:  Raster session in Room 203, with Keith organizing

Treats: Patti


Facilitator: Terralyn