Meeting Date: 
Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 17:00
Richardson 203
Description/Additional Information: 

focus will be on Raster tools. Keith is organizing.

treats: Patti

Notes: Theresa

Facilitator: Terralyn

Online Notes: 

Attendees:  Keith, Matt, Matt, Ray, Steve, Theresa, Terralyn, and Peter

topic:  Raster Manipulation in Python:  Ditch ArcGIS   (by Keith).. see attached file and other information in T:\Commons\Keith\RasterDemo


  1. Announcements
  2. Data
  3. Software/Hardware:  9.3 server code desn't expire.  Terralyn will be putting 10.2 server up sometime this summer.
  4. Training
  5. Round table
    1. Matt G:  9.3-10.2 has been bad.  he is regretting the upgrade.  has 2 tickets into esri.
    2. Ray: datasets released, 4th assessment MC1  NetCDF FIles.  hoping for USFS technical report.
    3. Peter:  Analysis -trends of NW Forest Plan with GNN and other data
    4. Matt:  Lican air quality data-element threashold analysis.
    5. Theresa: plotting paper is thinner weight, fighting with esri and excell files, and enjoying working with model builder.
  6. Next Meeting
    1. July 24  Richardson 313
    2. Topic:  Highlights from ESRI Conference… maybe some swag J
    3. Treats:  Theresa
    4. Notes: Matt
    5. Facilitator: Terralyn