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Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 17:00
Peavy 224 (Next to the Helpdesk)
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Topic:  Highlights from ESRI Conference… yes we have swag!

Treats:  Theresa

Notes: Matt

Facilitator: Terralyn

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  4. Training
  5. Round table
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Present: Paula Wills, Ron Beloin, Steve Oderman, Theresa Valentine, Keith Olsen, Dave Hockman-Wert, Kuuipo Walsh, Kelly Christiansen, Matt Gregory.

 Theresa - ESRI Users Conference 2014

Theresa gave a nice overview on the Esri Users Conference in San Diego, CA from July 14-18, 2014. She will be posting her presentation about the conference onto the SDMG site.

Theresa mostly attended sessions associated with ArcGIS Server and lidar processing. She noted that the keynote from Jack Dangermond talked a lot about web design and geodesign.  ArcGIS 10.3 is expected to be shipping 4th quarter of 2014. There was a lot of information about ArcGIS Pro and what specific functionality it will has. It's unclear how much overlap there will be between ArcGIS Pro and the regular ArcGIS Desktop software.

All the videos from the plenary sessions are available online at http://www.esri.com/events/user-conference/agenda/plenary.


  1. Announcements
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  2. Software/hardware Updates/Issues
    • There was a discussion about the difference between pyramids and overviews in ArcGIS and the general confusion around them.  Apparently pyramids apply to raster datasets and overviews apply to mosaic datasets.  The difference seems to be pretty subtle (especially given that both sets are stored as .ovr files.  There is more discussion here.
    • Matt brought up the discussion of installing ArcGIS so that Python is put into its default location.  In his experience, this workflow typically works well:
      • Install Python 2.7 so that it gets installed at C:\python27
      • Install numpy so that it gets installed at C:\python27\lib\site-packages
      • Install matplotlib so that it gets installed at C:\python27\lib\site-packages
      • Install ArcGIS Desktop as before.
  3. Data
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  4. Training
    • Theresa is organizing a seminar series with Bridgett Naylor (USFS, La Grande) on GIS topics.  The format is not yet set, but could involve webinars or in-person trainings.
  5. Round table
    • Matt: Talked about Landsat disturbance ensemble modeling and use of map-reduce algorithms
    • Kuuipo: Asked about interest for next year's Esri Developer Conference - OSU typically sends one student and one other to this conference.  Contact her if interested.
    • Dave: Starting to work with the STARS software for hydrography, which is a follow-up to FLoWS.
    • Keith: Working with the FACTS (forest activity) database and has found it to be pretty cluttered and confusing.
    • Theresa: Mostly travelling and conferences recently.  She and Steve are headed up to HJ Andrews the following week to locate culverts that are interfering with their lidar-derived streams layer.
    • Ron: AREMP is in the middle of preparing the Northwest Forest Plan 20-year report and is in full field season.  They have moved their SDE database onto OSU servers and it is working quite well.  Ron has been writing a number of utilities that has helped with cleanup of field data through visualization.
    • Paula: Working with Bridgett Naylor on invasive species in eastern Oregon, also works with Mary Nowland on elk distributions
    • Kelly: Headed to Alaska in September

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Next Meeting: August 28, 2014

Topic: Dave HW will present results of a user input study they did recently

Notes: Kuuipo

Treats: Dave HW

Facilitator: Terralyn

Meeting room: Terralyn