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Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 18:00
Richardson 313
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Next Meeting:  January 22   Jim Eyard to do a preview of his masters thesis.

Facilitator – Patti

Treats - Terralyn

Notes – Dave

Meetings:     Esri Developer Summit - March 10-13, 2015

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Spatial Data Management Group Meeting, Thursday January 22, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in Richardson 313

Attendees: Brooke, Charles, Dave, Heather, Jim, Kelly, Matt, Patti, Ray, Terralyn, Theresa


Topic:  'Evaluating the Effectiveness of Illuminated Contour Lines".   Presented by Jim Eynard

Facilitator:  Patti

Treats: Terralyn

Notes:  Dave



Retirement Watch: Theresa has 52 weeks left





  • Lidar – may be a web service starting at the College of Engineering?  Valley Library may be doing already?
  • New BLM lidar available on some fire areas – before/after fire data, and orthophotos.  On COE web repository.
  • Tom Carlson, USGS GIS liaison for OR/WA, says that the state has all the lidar data from Lane County, and from Redwoods N.P. area in N California and S Oregon (published dataset?  Where?).
  • We might invite him to come talk to us and/or video in to a meeting, if travel restrictions are too big.
  • Patti will give Theresa her guide for using the COE lidar web repository.








Round Table:

  • Kelly – doesn’t like lidar data – so big, “cost” guilt
    • Response: Theresa – they made an HJ Andrews lidar group to facilitate data sharing, to deal with the size/cost issues
  • Theresa – Working on calculating stream gradients using lidar data, looking for natural stream barriers.
  • Ray – his group has been doing climate downscaling – from coarser to finer scales; had been doing monthly (MC1), now doing daily outputs – 800m grids.  Running into ratio anomalies.  Used PRISM data in the past, but they don’t have daily layers (yet), so they’re using NOAA Biomap ecosystem data.
  • Dave – Exploring different web mapping applications for use in collecting data/edits from biologists – looked into Matt’s suggestion of GeoJSON.  It works well and is fast, but hard to customize the appearance of data layers.  Looked into CartoDB – it also works well and is fast, and it’s possible to customize the appearance of layers using CSS (stylesheets), but it doesn’t show the map and attribute table in the same view (have to go back and forth).  So neither is perfect, but both are promising.
  • Matt – Map Time Corvallis is a new web mapping meetup group started by (?) Nick Martelli at the Madison Avenue Collective.  They have a monthly meeting with free pizza and talk about web mapping (d3, in January).
    • Also, Noel Gorelick, Google Earth Engine dude, is coming to OSU in February to give a talk and lead some workshops on working with GE Engine, which now contains all data archives of MODIS, Landsat, NDVI, and a lot of weather and satellite data (3-4 petabytes!).  It scales to global scale, uses Javascript/Python to call satellite data. 
    • Matt talked about LCMS, the Land Cover Monitoring System, which is a project where they are putting LandTrendr into Google Earth Engine. (I think)


Next Meeting: February 26

Topic: Tom or Dave O. (Matt will check)

Facilitator: Terralyn

Treats: Kelly

Notes: Matt