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Thursday, February 26, 2015 - 18:00
Richardson 313
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Spatial Data Management Group Meeting February 26th  10:00 am Richardson 313

Topic:  Matt Gregory will do a presentation on what he learned at the Google Earth Engine training last week.

Facilitator:  Terralyn

Treats:  Kelly C

Notes:  Matt




Historical vegetation for SW Washington and historical stream alignments http://www.pdx.edu/pnwlamp/historical-vegetation-maps-for-pacific-northwest#Washington

Software/hardware:   Might be nice to get an ArcGIS Pro demo from someone at ESRI?


Round Table:

Next meeting:  March 19 or 26






ESRI Developer Summit:  March 10-13, 2014   http://www.esri.com/events/devsummit    (Mark Nay going)

Willamette Valley GIS Users Group Winter 2015 Meeting:  Wednesday February 25th   1-4pm,  Eugene  http://www.orurisa.org/page-507168

GIS in Action:  May 4-6 Vancouver WA  http://www.gisinaction.org/

ESRI User Conference:  July 20-24  San Diego

Online Notes: 

Spatial Data Management Group Meeting February 26th
10:00 am Richardson 313

Facilitator: Terralyn
Treats: Kelly C
Notes: Matt

Attending: Kuuipo W, Theresa V, Ron B, Patti H, Peter E, Terralyn V, Kelly C, Keith O, Heather R, Rick, Matt G

Topic: Matt Gregory will do a presentation on what he learned at the Google Earth Engine training last week.

Matt went through the examples that were provided by Noel Gorelick from Google as part of Noel's visit to Corvallis in early February. Noel had given a workshop in CEOAS, but most of the SDMG group weren't able to make it. Matt walked through the different examples and we discussed how they might be applicable to people's workflows.

Kuuipo provided the link to request to become a Google Earth Engine tester. She also pointed to Robert Kennedy's website for the training session and Noel's slides from his talk.

Announcements: Not discussed

Data: Not discussed

Software/Hardware: Not discussed


  • Possibly bring John Sharrard (ESRI) here to discuss ArcGIS Pro
  • Mark Nay (USFS) is going to upcoming ESRI Development Center Meeting in Palm Springs


  • Geo-Dev meetup: HackerLab in Portland on April 9 at 12:00pm at Portland City Grill. Theresa is going and highly recommends it (free food!)

Round Table:

  • Matt: Working with Warrren and Yang on LCMS project to eventually come up with an ensemble model for change detection across the United States. Will use a number of different change detection methods and, in conjuction with TimeSync, come up with a ensemble model of best predictions. This will ultimately feed into GNN work.
  • Keith: Working with David Bell (USFS) on creating lidar metrics for HJ Andrews. Just got a new computer as well.
  • Terralyn: She has until the end of April to update all Windows 2003 servers (including Mercator and Meridian). She will be migrating these services to a new machine. Also announced the availability of a new site license for MATLAB.
  • Patti: USFS/OSU/USGS perople are all working together on a paired lidar study, which has lidar flown for both pre- and post-fire of the Biscuit(?). She also announced that Quantum Spatial (was Watershed Sciences) is now generating object-based lidar outputs, which may be avaiable soon.
  • Theresa: Working with bathymetry toolkit for stream gradients. Also announced that there is eCoginition training available for USFS employees.
  • Kuuipo: She noted that if people are interested in using ArcGIS Online credits, they should go through Angela O'Neal. Geography is hiring two new professors: Geospatial Intelligence and Geospatial Analytics. Also, Dawn Wright (Esri) will be here in June for her last student's defense.

Next meeting: Thursday, March 26 at 10:00am
David Bell (USFS) will present his research
Notes: Theresa
Treats: Terralyn
Facilitator: Heather