SDMG Meetings

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Thu, 05/22/2014 - 10:00
Richardson 203

Spatial Data Management Group Meeting Thursday May 22nd..  at 10:00 am  ROOM CHANGE    Richardson 203

We’ll be meeting in the GIS Lab and Matt Gregory will present a tutorial on "Using Python for Everyday Tasks".

Bring your ideas and get some python scripting help from Matt. 


Thu, 04/24/2014 - 10:00
Richardson 313

Topic: Matt Viehdorfer: Willamette River fish: an example of web based spatial and other data queries

Notes: Patti/Dave

Treats: Kelly

Facilitator: Keith

Meeting room: Terralyn

Thu, 03/20/2014 - 10:00
Richardson 115... Note Room Change!!!!

Next Meeting:   March 20

  1. Topic: Keith and Vojan (student) will share what they learned at the developers conference.
  2. Notes: Matt
  3. Treats: Dave
  4. Facilitator: Theresa
  5. Meeting room: Terralyn
Thu, 02/27/2014 (All day)
Richardson 313
  1. We could spend some time talking about where the group is going, what type of topics we should have in the future.
  2. Notes: Theresa
  3. Treats: Kuuipo
  4. Facilitator: Kelly


Thu, 01/30/2014 - 10:00
Richardson 313

Monthly meeting:


Thu, 11/21/2013 (All day)
Peavy 224

Notes: Theresa

Treats: Ron

Facilitator: Keith

Thu, 10/31/2013 - 10:00
Richardson 313

Next Meeting:  October 31

Notes: Patti


Topic: Library folks

Facilitator: Matt